Monday, November 22, 2010

The Objectives and Pillars of KPN

The Objectives of Kelas Peradaban Nabawi

1.To train USM students to become universal da'ie
2.To clear the misconception about Islam
3.To propagate the true fact about Islam
4.To built a better relationship with Non Muslim and Muslim
5.To understand other religions through friendly comparative religion
6.To prevent the pedisposing factors leading to apostasy
7.To strenghten the spirt of botherhood and sisterhood in Islam
8.To co-operate with other Islamic NGO for the sake of Islam
9.To help the needy

Pillars of Kelas Peradaban Nabawi

1.Allah as main goal
2.Al Quran and hadeeth as main eference
3.follow the examples of Rasulullah leadership
4.Brotherhood and sisterhood
5.Bil Hikmah in every action

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