Monday, November 22, 2010

Brief Introduction to KPN

“Kelas Peradaban Nabawi” has began it’s activity for more than 10 years after USMKK students aware of the need to learn comparative religion in order to strengthen their faith. This awaraness is fully supported by Pusat Islam.

From the moment onwards, various classes has been conducted mainly by bro Shah Kirit Kalkulal Govindji, Bro Lim Jooi Soon, Bro Engku Fauzi and many more.

However, due to the lack of structured organization, it is just being a class with no follow up and activity. Realizing that, the pioneer of Kelas Peradaban Nabawi form an organization called as “Caring Team” to plan and conduct da’wa programs to non muslim as well as practical session for themselves.

As times passing by, the rebranding of Caring Team has been done and it is later known as “Muslim Informative Network” (MIN). under this new organization, a more structured activity has been done.

MIN has been pass down from senior to junior for many years. However, the organization is not registered under HEP and the committee mainly did their job voluntarily under Pusat Islam support. Due to some circumstances, the name Kelas Peradaban Nabawi has been used instead of MIN.

However, for the past three years, there’s a need for a better organization especially after the introduction of the merit system for hostel. Therefore, the activity under KPN being conducted under HEP through the yellow form. However the status of KPN remain blurr. Even though the HEP has been informed about this committee and a logo has been designed, but it still not legal.

Initially, there is a plan to register KPN as an independent society at USMKK. However, due to some problem and plus with the formation of Rakan Masjid USMKK, KPN is finally being put under Rakan Masjid as one unit.

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